Dream House

Science vs. Religion

A 400 year old battle to define truth.

Can either discpline show us the entire picture?

Will there always be holes in our understanding?

Good Home

Can Science & Religion function together?

Are they really as contradictory as they seem?

Is there more common ground than we realize?

Suburban Sprawl

What would we learn if they could?



Integrating Science & Spirituality


Freedom – Pre-condition for Human Development

In a recent EconTalk podcast, William Easterly called for a new “Copernican revolution” in how we look at Economic Development for poor people around the world. Rather than putting the technocratic experts (e.g. the World Bank, Bill Gates, Jeffrey Sacks) at the helm, Easterly calls for putting poor people in charge of their own future […]


Ken Ham v. Bill Nye – A Non-Creative Debate

On February 4, 2014, there was a televised debate between Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and Ken Ham, President of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.  While some interesting information was provided by the presenters, the quality of the debate was disappointing due to its focus on one of the weakest of tenets of Christian […]

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New Technology Changing the World for the Better?

Last year I raised some concerns about the impact of technology on humans (see: Busted). These concerns remain, but in the interest of equal time, it is worth highlighting some of the potentially positive impacts of new technology. In a recent episode of EconTalk on The Sharing Economy, Russ Roberts, in a conversation with Mike Munger, […]

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