Dream House

Science vs. Religion

A 400 year old battle to define truth.

Can either discpline show us the entire picture?

Will there always be holes in our understanding?

Good Home

Can Science & Religion function together?

Are they really as contradictory as they seem?

Is there more common ground than we realize?

Suburban Sprawl

What would we learn if they could?



Integrating Science & Spirituality


Philosophical Speculations on the Meaning of Spirals

  According to Emmanuel Swedenborg, the form of a spiral lies at the heart of the created world.   While this idea faded into obscurity as the mechanistic worldview of Newtonian physics came to dominate our sensibilities, it is finding resurgence in the science and mathematics of complexity.


What We Can Learn from Swamps – Stagnation, Entrenchment and Spiritual Renewal

Our world seems to be mired in anxiety and fear, and civic discourse has degenerated to accusations, outright lies and rhetoric. While we hear calls to “drain the swamp,” any common understanding of what that means, and a willing consensus required to achieve it, seems to eludes us. Perhaps we are looking at the situation […]

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Implanted Desire – Law and Grace | Center for Action and Contemplation

This is a remarkable meditation.  Richard Rohr is a Franciscan monk, but his thoughts here about the role of God’s love in inspiring us to love back, and the importance of God’s preservation of our freedom, are consistent with key Swedenborgian teachings.  As Richard says “God does not love you because you are good; God […]

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