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Science vs. Religion

A 400 year old battle to define truth.

Can either discpline show us the entire picture?

Will there always be holes in our understanding?

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Can Science & Religion function together?

Are they really as contradictory as they seem?

Is there more common ground than we realize?

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What would we learn if they could?



Integrating Science & Spirituality


Ken Ham v. Bill Nye – A Non-Creative Debate

On February 4, 2014, there was a televised debate between Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and Ken Ham, President of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.  While some interesting information was provided by the presenters, the quality of the debate was disappointing due to its focus on one of the weakest of tenets of Christian […]


Time and Free Will – Science and Religion are Quite Similar

There is a remarkable similarity in the cosmological arguments about the nature of time that have arisen in both the theological and scientific community.   The religious concept of Divine Omniscience is structurally identical to the physics of causal determinism in space-time – and both have raised debates about the nature of human free will. The […]

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How Should Humanity Steer the Future?

The FQXi (Foundational Questions Institute) is dedicated to exploring the foundations and boundaries of physics and cosmology. One of their programs is an annual essay competition. Last year, the contest posed the question “It From Bit, or Bit from It”, addressing whether information or energy/matter are more fundamental to the reality of the physical world. […]

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