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Science vs. Religion

A 400 year old battle to define truth.

Can either discpline show us the entire picture?

Will there always be holes in our understanding?

Good Home

Can Science & Religion function together?

Are they really as contradictory as they seem?

Is there more common ground than we realize?

Suburban Sprawl

What would we learn if they could?



Integrating Science & Spirituality


How can There be Order in Randomness?

Thomas Pynchon, in his sprawling novel Gravity’s Rainbow (1973), exhibited a fascination for the peculiar mathematics of the Poisson Distribution, a pattern exhibited in certain random sequences (including the location of German rocket strikes in London during WWII). Sometimes referred to as a “law of rare events”, the Poisson distribution has proven to apply to […]


Gender Bias and Subliminal Reasoning

This summer two curious scientific findings were reported, both dealing with the effects of gender, but in very different circumstances. The odd juxtaposition raises interesting questions about gender bias and suggests that in some cases it is deeply subliminal, rather than cultural – and inscribed in the actual biochemistry of the body.  This also suggests […]

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September 22, 2014

Is the universe rational? Last week (September 15, 2014) we established a framework for being “rational”, and talked about the importance of consistency. To be rational, we need to avoid inconsistences and contradictions. At the same time, we expect that being rational provides the confidence that we can reach the complete truth. But at the […]

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