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A Prayer for the World

My wife and I have a dear friend who was traveling recently to Jerusalem.  She asked if we might have a prayer for her to put on the wailing wall. This seemed a great opportunity to express our feelings about the state of the world and our hopes for it:

A Prayer for the World

Oh God, Oh God, why have we forsaken you?

We fill the earth with enmity and make waste of creation, often in your name’s sake, for the love of self, of power, and of dominion.

Please lead us, instead, to a state of right thinking, where all of us, Christian, Muslin, Jew, followers of all faiths, or no faith, realize that we are all your children, interconnected and interdependent, living on such a very small planet for such a very short time.

Help us learn to stop committing violence against one another and against nature, and to become fully human in the image of your love and beauty, that we may each and all thrive in blessedness and peace, now and forever more.

In your name we pray, eternal and everlasting God, Lord of life and love, Amen.

(image of the wailing wall)


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