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Assessing Our Motivations – An Act of Love

There is a prevalent misconception that our choices are directed by our thoughts.  In fact, our choices are driven by our motivations – the things that we love.  Often, our very rational mind is hijacked in support of that which we want to believe, as I noted in the essay on Cognitive Bias.

If our choices are driven by our motivations, then we should spend some time trying to understand those motivations and the reasons why we do them.  As inscribed on the ancient Temple of Apollo at Delphi, “Know Thyself” is an important and useful goal.  At the same time, how can we organize this self-reflection in a way that is most helpful in improving our choices and improving our lives?  There are entire libraries of philosophy, psychology and theology devoted to this subject, but sometimes it is helpful to keep things simple.

Curtis Child’s video “Universal Categories of Love“, from his “Off the Left Eye” series on youtube, provides a clear and simple analysis of the motivational categories or loves which drive our choices – and which determine our behaviors, our morals and our ultimate happiness.

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