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In the Image of God …

The account in Genesis 1:27 – “So God created mankind in his own image.” – is one of the most cherished concepts in the Judeo-Christian religious traditions.  It has been one of the most common points of attack for critics, as well, for being anthropocentric (arrogantly putting humanity at the center of the universe) and anthropomorphic (attributing human qualities to something which arguably must be far beyond human).  One of the problems may be due to the tendency we have to confuse form with purpose.  It seems limiting to say that that humans in physical form look like God.  Perhaps it is more appropriate to say that the purpose of humans and the functions of the various features of the human body are like attributes of God.  This is the explanation provided by Emmanuel Swedenborg almost three hundred years ago, and this recent video produced by Curtis Childs for the Swedenborg Foundation beautifully exhibits these ideas and explains why they are so relevant today:


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