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The Golden Ratio and Its Special Qualities

This post (Golden Ratio Also Relates To Space-Time And Biology) from on new theories about the role of The Golden Ratio, the “cosmic constant” in various scientific disciplines, caught my eye today. There is something magical in the properties of this very special “transcendental” number. It seems to provide a foundation for understanding movement and growth across the complete range of scientific inquiries.

The topic brought to mind this article (Is there a Spiritual Significance to the number Phi), which I wrote for The New Philosophy, The Journal of the Swedenborg Scientific Association, in 2005.  In the article I speculated on the spiritual meaning of the Golden Ratio as an infinite unfolding of finite creation.   The concepts are quite surprising and far-reaching!

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  1. George Gantz says:

    Correction: Phi may be “transcendent” in some ways – but it is not “transcendental” in mathematical terms as it is the solution to a a quadratic equation…..

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