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“Tip of the Spear” earns a 4th place in FQXi Essay Contest

Last April, George Gantz submitted  The Tip of The Spear in the FQXi essay contest titled “How Should Humanity Steer the Future?”  A total of 155 essays were submitted and were rated by other essayists during an extended community comment period.  The Tip of the Spear earned a 4th place rank, joining the 40 top-ranked essays in the final judging by a panel of experts, and was subsequently awarded a fourth prize at the announcement held on August 21.

The Tip of the Spear traces the latest findings of empirical science in the fields of mathematics, physics, biology and evolution to determine what the guiding principles are for the evolution of the physical universe and how they can help us in steering the future of humanity. The conclusion is that, while empirical science is the driving force to the advance of human civilization, the tip of the spear should be armed with our highest human empathic qualities – in a word, with love.

The winning essay, “How to Save the World” by Sabine Hossenfelder, challenges humanity to convert ideas into action:  ” We fail to act in the face of global problems because we do not have an intuitive grasp on the consequences of collective human behavior, are prone to cognitive biases, and easily overwhelmed by data. We are also lazy and if intuition fails us, inertia takes over.”  Her answer is to make the necessary information accessible to individuals.  “To steer the future, information about our dynamical and multi-layered networks has to become cheap and almost effortless to use. Only then, when we can make informed decisions by feeling rather than thinking, will we be able to act and respond to the challenges we face.”

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