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May 10th, 2013

Integrating Science and Spirituality 

This forum is an initiative hosted by the Swedenborg Center of Concord, Massachusetts, under the direction of George Gantz. George has a B.S in Mathematics with Honors Humanities from Stanford University and is a lifelong student of science, philosophy and religion.

Albert Einstein once wrote “Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”   This statement is at odds with the more common notions that science and religion are in opposition or that science and religion are completely independent and deal with totally distinct questions.  However, it succinctly captures the basic ideas to be found in this Forum:  That science is increasingly dealing with ineluctable limits that reach metaphysical and theological questions;  That religion needs open inquiry and reasoning to remain viable as the source of transcendent insight rather than mere dogma;  That human life has both physical and spiritual dimensions that we must cherish and explore as we seek to be truly whole.

The debates between science and religion as characterized in the media are loud and virulent.  This contrasts sharply with the basic view of many people – that there is no conflict between their understanding of science and their religious belief.  The media acrimony also fails to acknowledge the many and varied efforts devoted to dialogue about science and spirituality.  This includes the work of the Templeton Foundation, conferences hosted by the Dalai Lama, numerous interdisciplinary programs and colloquia offered at many colleges and universities and an extensive and growing body of published literature.

This Forum seeks to contribute to this conversation by exploring ideas at the interface of science and religion.  These ideas will be explored in discussion threads posted in various topics including: the Nature of Truth; Biology, Medicine and Evolution; Mind, Brain and Consciousness; among others.  In addition, the ISAS Forum contains News Briefs on items of interest.  ISAS is also engaged in correspondence on other public websites and has hosted live public discussion sessions.

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