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Swedenborg Center of Concord Going on Sabbatical!

The website for the Swedenborg Center of Concord has been online for seven years and contains more than 160 posts.  This represents a significant body of work addressing the challenges to and opportunities for Integrating Science and Spirituality.  During this period (as the most recent post discusses) the Science and Religion dialogue has improved.

However, the website author, George Gantz, has also become active in other organizations.  He now serves on the Board of Promoting an Enduring Peace, which is dedicated to the goals of world peace, justice and environmental sustainability.   He is active with the newly organized Long Now Boston, a non-profit organization that seeks to promote long-term thinking.  The goal is to become a good ancestor.

George has also recently broadened his writing efforts through his new website Spiral Inquiry, an exploration of science, faith and philosophy.  Six of his essays have been published and are available for download on Spiral Inquiry.  This material expands on the topics that have been covered in the Swedenborg Center of Concord.

Seven years seems like a good place to pause.  The SCC website will be maintained and the material will continue to be accessible, but until and if new authors volunteer, additional content will not be added.  In addition, no new newsletters will be issued.

Those of you interested in George’s writing are welcome, if you have not already, to sign up for the monthly Spiral Inquiry newsletter.

If you are more interested in the teachings of Emmanuel Swedenborg, then you should sign up with the Swedenborg Foundation for their newsletter and other materials, including the weekly webcast Swedenborg and Life.

Many thanks!  Until we meet again!

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